Some Time To Think (Little notes #2)

I have been away for quite some time because I needed to think properly and because I didn’t want to spend my time on my computer when I was at home. I managed to get my thoughts in order and study each day, which has helped me a lot.

Something had changed. I don’t know whether it’s because learning about the Craft through the wiccan way suits me, or because my state of mind is different.

There are some things I have realised during my rituals and meditations on the subject. Which by the way proves to me that the rituals are already working because I can reach a certain state of consciousness which helps me clear my thoughts and have small revelations.


About the Efficiency of Spells

I am French, but I am learning the Craft in English. I’ve been reading, speaking, writing, listening to this language for years now (I’ve lived in Ireland for two years) so this isn’t a problem at all. But when it came to cast a circle for example, I felt like I was not able to properly do it, only because the words in English and their meaning hadn’t sunk in properly.

It is all about shifting. At one point I wasn’t able to feel anything and I am pretty sure I did not believe in what I was doing and why I was doing it: casting an imaginary circle around myself and my altar to protect both of us from negative energy and keep positive energy inside. And just like that, after doing it I’d say about 20 times, it all just clicked: suddenly I believed, because the words that came out of my mouth had true meaning for my mind, and it worked.

I could feel the difference. I had goosebumps through my whole body, not the ones you get when you’re suddenly afraid, but the ones you get when you feel a profound happiness. As if the air surrouding me inside the circle was… electrified.

About the delay for the words to actually get to me because they were in English, I really hope you understand what I mean. I know that at least one of my followers on this blog is French as well, but the rest of you probably are native english speakers so you probably never had such a problem.

I chose to work in English because it is easier for me (oddly enough): I’ve started this journey with english sources, and it would only confuse me to suddenly learn the corresponding words in French especially now that the words have sunk in.


About Taking Time to Listen & Observe

I’ve also come to another realisation: no wonder nobody believes in anything that cannot be seen because nobody listens or observes properly these days.

I’ll say something which I’m sure many will disagree on: from my perspective, as a 23-years-old woman, at the start of her career, living in Paris (by that I mean at the heart of occidental civilisation, far from primary concerns of life), it takes a lot of courage to take time for oneself, take time to think, to observe, and to listen.

It is an everyday battle.

I am constantly surrounded by noise, people, manifestation of hatred, stench… and I dream about the day when my sacred place, which lives in my mind for now and helps it stay sound, will materialise in a beautiful little house surrounded only by nature and its peaceful silence.

The important thing is: I don’t feel sad about all this anymore. Things will come at their own pace, at the right time. And if I am where I am today, it is for a reason.

Blessed be,


About Wicca & Gardner’s influence (Little notes #1)

Yesterday evening I watched a documentary on Wicca, by BBC:

It made me think a lot because I didn’t expect to hear what I heard. The main thing they talked about was how Wicca was such a young belief. And it struck me: is it? Is it that young a religion?

I understand that Gardner put it all in one book in the last century, his Book of shadows, which I read, but I don’t think he started the whole thing. Yes he told the world about modern Witchcraft, but these beliefs are ancient. He just put them into words in a book, and that’s it.

And then he was interviewed about it a lot, and told even more about it. However I do think it takes an unusual person, someone thinking outside the box, to make a difference. And I won’t deny he was such a person.  But to say he founded Wicca, I think it is a bit too much. It is older than that. This belief gathers all sorts of ancient beliefs, passed down through generations for centuries.

In a nutshell, as much as I believe Gardner has been a very important milestone in the wicca faith, I don’t agree with saying that he founded it.

Let me know what you think,

Blessed be,


EDIT: Reactions to my post in the comments section:

Libra & Lavender:

« I think that he founded it. There’s evidence that suggests that Wicca is influenced by Freemasonry, Eastern philosophy, and magical orders such as Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis. Also, history (or Murrayism) taught to us in New Age and pagan books has been discredited. Here’s a link to a Wiccan (I still think she’s Wiccan) historian:

That said, even though the evidence suggests that Gardner created Wicca, I do believe that it is Divine’s will that Wicca came to be.

Personally, I don’t think any part of Wicca is « ancient » though.

Not to say that Wicca is not a real religion. It is. From my understanding, it’s just new 🙂 »


« I agree with Libra concerning the fact that Gardnerian wicca is a creation from the begining of the century. The Book of Shadows, according to Doreen Valiente herself was not the half of what it is today before her rewriting. And even before that she reshaped some passages obviously taken from Aleister Crowley. In general the degree system and key words are clearly inspired by Masonry (see the book Square and the Circle for a comparative study) and the « mythological tone » is even more clearly the tone of The Gospel of the Witches from Leland and Frazier’s Golden Boughs. It’s not really a secret though, Wicca is the typical fruit of 20th century school of thought sponsored by Murray and it’s even more clear reading the Meaning of Witchcraft that she prefaced. But for me it does’nt mean that Dorothy Clutterbuck didn’t exist and that Wicca isn’t connected to a witch cult tradition. It means, imho, that Gardner filled the gaps of à fragmented or even « recreated » tradition. It’s success for me proves it’s effeciency and the mystery of it’s origins does’nt stop with the Triumph of the Moon. Aknowledge what Gardner did does’nt break away the « spell » of Wicca on our minds. Just an opinion of course. »

☽ 1⛤ My Newly Acquired Items For Wiccan Practice ☾

5 Things To Get To Start Practising Wicca.

A Book Of Shadows (to be)

I found this beautiful handmade, real leather, recycled paper notebook, which will become a perfect Book Of Shadows. It has approximately 120 pages, and feels really nice when it is handled. I have literally fallen in love with the Tree Of Life design carved onto its cover. The tree is surrounded by celtic interlacing, which makes me love it even more.

The Gardnerian Book Of Shadows & The Scott Cunningham’s Guide For The Solitary Practicioner

Those two books seems to be the most famous readings about Wicca. I am halfway through them both already. I would describe Gardner’s book as being the theory side, and Cunningham’s as the practical side. They both need to be read in order to comprehend the Wiccan Religion in a first approach. I felt like I needed to be careful in what I read in that area, as I am sure the literature on the subject is not all worthy to be studied.


You cannot actually see my copy of the Gardnerian Book Of Shadows because I have got it in Kindle form on Amazon ;).

A Quill Set & Magic Ink

I found this quill set in a local art shop in Versailles. It has three different heads, and comes with a small bottle of black ink. I also purchased a special ink, that is supposed to be seen when it is still wet, and then disappear when it dries. If you later approach a warm source, what you have written reveals itself… I hear Magick?


A Tarot Deck

I couldn’t go on any further without my own Tarot Deck. I have got the famous Original Rider-Waite Deck, which I will present in another post. I spent one minute on each 78 cards to begin familiarising myself with them. Their whole and true meaning has yet to reveal itself to me, through my future studies.



I have only got three candles for now: two middle-sized black ones, and a staghead-shaped, white one, which is absolutely beautiful. It renders so well on an altar, let me tell you.



☽ Allyluna ☾